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Biography of the Speakers: April 9-10 : Climate Change: Understanding Himalayan Ecology
India Monday, April 9, 2012

Institute of Himalayan Glaciology, University of Jammu, and Liberty Institute, New Delhi, in partnership with Friedrich Naumann-Stiftung fur Die Freiheit is organising a national conference on Climate Change: Understanding the himalayan Ecolgyew at the University of Jammu, on 9-10 April 2012.

Biography of the Speakers



Sh. Nawang Rigzin Jora

Minister for Tourism and Culture, Jammu & Kashmir Government


Prof Mohan Paul Singh Isher

Dr. Mohan Paul Singh Ishar is the Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu and former Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dean Students Welfare, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab. With a vast teaching, research and administrative experience, he has served in various capacities as Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Guru Nanak Dev University, Director Research, besides remaining Chairman of Board of Control in Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Board of Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chairman, Campus Committee of the Guru Nanak Dev University.

He has 86 research publications to his credit and presented 43 research papers in the various national and international conferences and symposia. He has coauthored a book on “ Synthesis of Organic Medicinal Compounds”, published by Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi ,and Alpha Science, Oxford ,London. He has supervised several M.Phil and Ph.D. research studies at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Prof. Ishar has the distinction of being a Fellow of various reputed institutions of the country. He has remained Junior Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow,IIT Delhi, Senior Research Fellow, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research sponsored project “Organic Photochemistry and some applications of 1h and 13C NMR Spectroscopy”, IIT ,Delhi and Pool Scientist (CSIR), Chemistry Department,IIT,Delhi.

Prof. Ishar has remained associated with various Professional Bodies as its Member. He is a Life Member of the Indian Society for Radiation and Photochemical Sciences, Chemical Research Society of India and Indian Council of Chemists. He has been a Member, Peer Review Project Awarding Committee, DRDO, besides being a Member, Editorial Board for International Journal of Current Chemistry. He is Subject Expert of the various Universities in the country. He is also Reviewer/Referee of a number of national and international research journals including Tetrahedron Letters, The Journal of Chemistry, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, International Journal of Current Chemistry, to name a few. He has chaired and participated in various seminars and conferences and delivered lectures and talks and visited several Universities abroad.


Prof. Rajinder K. Ganjoo

Professor R.K. Ganjoo born in 1959 did his graduation and post-graduation from University of Jammu. Subsequently, he shifted to Pune for his higher education and received his doctoral degree from the University of Poona. Trained in the field of Quaternary palaeoclimate, Prof. Ganjoo initially served at Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, Pune as Research Assistant and continued his interest in the field of Quaternary geology in western and central India. He joined as Lecturer in Geology at University of Jammu in 1992. His field of study also shifted from western and central India to Siwaliks and High Himalaya. Prof. Ganjoo has completed eight major research projects related to the topics of palaeoclimate and glaciology. These research projects received funding from University Grants Commission, Department of Science and Technology and Space Applications Centre. He is presently working in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India on a major project concerning the issue of early peopling in Ladakh region.

Prof. Ganjoo has published seventy research papers in various national and international peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of conferences. He has been a part of the group of Indian scientists who opposed to the controversial categorical statement made by IPCC on the complete disappearance of Himalayan glaciers in next two/three decades. His recent publications on the study of the glaciers in Ladakh region have proved that the behavior of Himalayan glaciers is complex and not yet fully understood. His contributions to the field of glaciology have earned him to be an Expert Reviewer of the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report. Besides, he is member of several national and international scientific committees. He is presently the Director, Institute of Himalayan Glaciology, University of Jammu, Jammu.

Session 1 - Himalayan Glaciers



V.K. Raina is currently a member of the Expert Committee on Climate Change, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. He superannuated on 31st December 1991 from the post of the Deputy Director General, Geological Survey of India, after an active field oriented service of over 36 years. An ardent mountaineer, his extensive research activities covered various aspects of earth sciences from geology and glaciology in the Himalayas to volcanoes in Andaman Islands. He led two Indian Scientific Expeditions to Antarctica when the Indian activities in Antarctica were in formative stage that earned him the National Mineral Award and the Antarctica Award.



C.V.Sangewar, superannuated as Director, Glaciology Division, Geological Survey of India, Lucknow. He joined Glaciology Division in Jan 1978 as geologist and all those years had undertaken glaciological studies in the States of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand erstwhile UP. The glaciological studies included- mass balance of glacier(s),secular movement of glaciers, glacier inventory of different basins of Indian Himalaya, Winter snow cover assessment studies in different catchments and other auxillary studies like dating the glacier ice-sediments, depth profiling, geomorphologic studies, chemical constituents of snow/glacier ice, terrestrial photogrammetric etc.

He participated during the Fourth Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica 1984-85 as member of South Pole Team and carried out reccy from “Dakshin Gangotri”,the Indian Station. He was also member of First Winter Indian Expedition to Arctic-2008, and initiated glaciological studies on Vestre Broggerbreen glacier. He acted as member in Panel Advisory Committee on Himalayan Glaciology and Expert Committee on Dynamics of Himalayan Glaciology(DST, Govt. of India). He was nominated member in Indian national Committee on Hydrology(INCOH) and in Committee for implementation of Climate Change programme in Uttar Pradesh He was Lead author on “Observational Studies on Recent Past” as member of Study Group on Himalayan Glacier formulated by Principal Scientific Advisor to Govt. of India. He was National Correspondent of India for “World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)” from 2007. He was Editor of “Inventory of Indian Himalayan Glaciers-an updated edition”, GSI, Special Publications No. 34, 2009. He was contributory author in “Glacier Atlas of India” edited by V.K.Raina and Deepak Srivastava  and other publications of Geological Survey of India.

Session 2 - Climate Change & Agro-Econommy of himalayan Range


Dr. M.N.Kaul

Professor (Retired), Department of Geography, University of Jammu, Jammu


Dr. Shakil Romshoo

Associate Professor/ Program Coordinator(Geoinformatics), Department of Geology and Geophysics University of Kashmir

Session 3 - Mountain Hazards


Sh. Ashwagosha Ganju

Sh Ashwagosha Ganju, Director of the premier institute Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) has more than 24 years of wide research experience in Cold Regions Sciences and Engineering with specialization in Avalanche Forecasting, Snow Cover Modeling, Snow Hydrology and Artificial Triggering of avalanches using explosives. He started his scientific carrier with the reconnaissance of the entire Siachen group of glaciers on foot in extreme conditions for demarcation of safe route / campsites, conducted hydrological & sediment transport studies and prepared geomorphologic map of the glacier. He pioneered the technique of translucent snow profile for studying weak layers in snow pack and developed statistical and AI based models for prediction of avalanches in different snow climatic zones. He was deputed to Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SFISAR), Switzerland in 1995 for on job training in the field of avalanche forecasting. He has been instrumental in initiating the research work on spatial and temporal variability of snow cover in Western Himalayas and study of Micro Tremor Activity in Karakoram ranges. He is the recipient of DRDO best performance award in 1990, Siachin Medal in 1992 and Science Day Medal in 2003.

Dr. Surya Parkash

Dr. Surya Parkash, presently working as Associate Professor at National Institute of Disaster Management (Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI), Delhi, holds specialization in geohazards from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He obtained specialized training in Geohazards Risk Management from University of Geneva, Switzerland and in the field of Aseismic Design and Construction from Institute of Earthquake Engineering & Engineering Seismology (IIZIS), Skopje. He did specialized course on Risk Management and Insurance from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. He is a recipient of Academic Fellowship from World Bank Institute Washington and international grants from Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) Berne, Royal Government of Netherlands, IIZIS Macedonia, and Japanese Landslides Society for visits abroad. He is also State Nodal Officer for 3 Disaster Management Centres in Sikkim, Meghalaya and Uttarakhand. Prior to this, he worked at CBRI, IITR, JNU, Wadia Institute, FRI University, PSI, CBDRMS and VIT University.

Chhewang Norphel

Chhewang Norphel served as Civil Engineer in the J&K Rural Development Department from 1060 to 1996 in different capacities as Section officer, Sub Divisional officer, Assistant executive Engineer and Executive Engineer. He worked on numerous rural development projects including rural communication, education, irrigation, social forestry, soil and land management, rural building etc. He had also implemented watershed projects at various locations including Changla and Warila passes at about 16000-17500 ft. which was the world’s highest projects and got appreciations from the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural development Department, Government of India.

Session 4 - Cliamate Change and Public Policy


Bharat Desai

Professor of International Law and Jawaharlal Nehru Chair in International Environmental Law, Center for International Legal Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


Dipankar Sengupta

Dipankar Sengupta is Professor of Economics at the University of Jammu. Educated in St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi he has taught in JNU, National Institute of Financial Management, Faridabad and has been a researcher with the Centre de Sciences Humaines de New Delhi. While his research interests are largely in International Political Economy he has also researched and published on the impact of forms of governance, particularly democratic decentralisation on the management of common property resources.

Dr. Arvind Jasrotia

Associate Professor, Department of Law, University of Jammu, Jammu 


Dr. Milap C Sharma

Associate Professor, Centre for the Study of Regional Development Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


Session 5 - Himalayan Ecology & Economics


Om Prakash Sharma

Mr. Om Prakash Sharma is Forest Service Officer in Srinagar. His interest is writing about forests, environment, pollution & people’s indigenous knowledge, writing Dogri literature, Biodiversity Exploration, Bird watching, Oding, Studying Ethnic culture, Documentation of Traditional knowledge, Exploring Eco-tourism potential, Coining New words and Terms and Raising forest and environmental awareness about native biodiversity by way of lectures and Tree Talk Campaign. He wrote thirty-six books, seventeen in Dogri, five in Hindi, Eight in English & Six Bilingual. He got many award in his career.


Dr. Sheraz Ahmed

Department of Botany Govt. P.G. College Udham. Singh Nagar (Kumaun University Nanital)


Dr. A.K.Srivastav

Department of Botany Govt. P.G. College Udham. Singh Nagar (Kumaun University Nanital)


Ritu Bakshi

Principal, Sharan College of Education for Women, Kangra. HP 


Mr Barun Mitra

Barun S. Mitra is the founder and director of Liberty Institute, an independent, non-profit, public policy research and advocacy organization, based in New Delhi. He has worked on a range of public policy issues, including climate change, energy, economic development, and environment. He is the recipient of the Julian L. Simon Award 2005 for his contribution to environmental policy debate.

He has been widely published in newspapers and magazines in India and across the world. He is often invited to comment on current affairs on national television channels.

Over the years, he has participated in a number of international events as a NGO delegate, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), UN’s World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), UN’s Stockholm Convention of Persistent Organic Pollutants, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial meetings, World Health Organisation, and others.

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